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“. . . Cyncynates offered up great waves of wonderfully articulated and evenly weighted arpeggios, dazzling bowing and a lot of the kind of breathtaking athleticism that makes pure virtuosity such fun.”

Joan Reinthaler, The Washington Post



“Violinist Ricardo Cyncynates took on the virtuoso challenges of the six Sibelius ‘Humoresques’ with such apparent ease that the focus of his performance remained on the imaginative handling of the stylistic aspects of the music rather than on its technical traps.”  

Joan Reinthaler, The Washington Post



“Volcanic Disposition . . . Brilliant Interpreter.”

Ronaldo Miranda , Jornal do Brasil -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



“a seasoned soloist. His technique was firm, his tone penetrating; there was a great deal of character in his interpretation.”

Tim Smith, Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale



“Ricardo Cyncynates’ exquisite violin solo before the soprano’s first aria set a high standard of controlled ecstasy that the singers did not match.” 

Octavio Roca, Washington Times



“Ricardo Cyncynates gave a bravura performance of Paganini’s 24th caprice.”       

The Washington Post



“Mozart’s fourth violin concerto, the D Major, showed Cyncynates’ art  in full bloom of its  subtlety, its urgency, its mastery of idiom and its complete sense of musical and aesthetic argument.”

Richard Carter , The Journal – Fairfax, Virginia



“It was something fantastic: the roundness, volume and density of his sound . . . it was a bath of music.”   

Antonio Hernandez , O Globo -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



“Ricardo Cyncynates gave an extraordinary performance in the Bernstein [Serenade for violin and orchestra] “     

Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post



“His sensitive rendition of the Six Sibelius Humoresques came as no surprise, although his virtuoso handling of what could have been moody excess deserves note. “


“There was nothing indecisive in the delicacy with which Mr. Cyncynates approached the subject.”  

Arthur R. Smith, Washington Times



“His performance of Saint Saens First violin concerto . . . was full of romantic bravura and grand gesture in the style of its famous dedicatee, Pablo Sarasate.”

The Journal – Fairfax, Virginia



“Sensitivity, rich sonority, agility of bow and generous temperament were evident characteristics in his performance of Paganini’s First Concerto . . . In the passages of transcendental virtuosity, Mr. Cyncynates showed fluent technique, translucent bowing, incredible facility for the vertiginous tempi.”

Correio do Povo, Porto Alegre, Brazil



“The relationship between climax and repose in his phrase were natural and spontaneous, neither learned nor automatized, but obeyed the most rigorous aesthetic principles.”

O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



“The Sonata in D minor (Brahms) was a powerful display of violin expertise. He was in full control of the violin and master of its music. Notes were round and perfectly shaped as he pulled forth the intricacies of Romantic music.”

Eugene Dixon, Prince George’s Journal


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