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I had the fortune to have studied with truly great teachers. I am forever grateful to their dedication and generosity. It is my duty to pass along  what I learned from them  with the utmost seriousness and care. 


Learning is an unending  process which is enhanced by curiosity, enthusiasm and exposure to the great masters. This area of the site will be updated often and will include articles, files and other useful information which hopefully will be helpful to all.


Here are some interesting and useful sites and videos:


Ilona Fehér - Teacher of Genius

This is a documentary about one of the great teachers of the 20th Century. Her total dedication and determination is awe-inspiring and a guide to all of us of what a great teacher should be like.

Henryk Szeryng  was a great violinist and this site is dedicated to his legacy. It has videos, interviews, documents, etc.


Henryk Wieniawsky

Very interesting website about this great violinist and composer.

Great source of violin news, interviews with famous  soloists and the exchange of ideas among students and violin aficionados.

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) has created this very comprehensive music library to provide scores free of charge to anyone with internet access.

This site has mini video masterclasses which are very useful. It may give you some ideas of how to solve many technical problems.

Interesting Interview with a former student, Miki Cloud. It should be a good input of how we all find our own path in life and in music.

Very interesting site dedicated to the artistry of the great Jascha Heifetz.

The daily news for anyone interested in Arts.

Strings Magazine web site.

The Strad, one of the oldest and most respected publications about string instruments and performers.

Very good suppliers of strings, accessories, cases, sheet music and everything you may ever need for your instrument.

Like Shar, Johnson Strings is also a very good place to buy strings and everything else you may need.

Very interesting page about using shoulder rests. From the Utrecht School for the Arts, Faculty of Music in the Netherlands. 

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